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"This is the evil genius of Trump—is that he knows how to keep, especially liberals, all scatterbrained," says filmmaker Michael Moore. "He becomes the master distractor. He knows how to get people off the topic and on to something else so that we won’t really be paying attention to what he’s really up to."

GreatNani 8 Sep 22

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He is not even close to genius. He is only smart to stupid people. He is a very bad joke. He has given voice to the stupid but they will all crawl back into their slime pits eventually.


I would never use the word Genius associated with Trump! I'm going to agree with Varn's explanation of the situation. Trump is just a symptom of what is going wrong in our country and politics. At any other time in our history I don't think he would have stood a chance of being elected. The sad fact is that there are too many ignorant uninformed people in our country and the world for that matter!


Horseshit... ‘trump’ is intellectually lazy, thus uninformed. He’s obviously losing it mentally from his hay days in NYC (see the Netflix documentary). He’s a babbling, poorly educated lazy asshole who, though afflicted with the same mental condition as hitler (Malignant Narcissism), stumbled into power by filling the rhetorical niches created by corporate Republicans, implemented by their party lackys ..and nearly elected by a mere 30% of America’s bucket of deplorables.. He’s nowhere near smart enough to be the least bit manipulative and lacks the most basic ability to even know when to Shut Up…

Michael Moore’s wrong, on this one ~

Varn Level 8 Sep 22, 2018

I would have so much more of a better life if he would just shut the fuck up!


There is only one thing he is good at and that is manipulating the news cycles with distraction so he can do horrible things to the environment and human rights without these incidents making it to the news cycle so people won't find out what he's really up to.


A pretty accurate take on the Slimeball-in-Chief. I'm seeing Fahrenheit 11 9 on Monday.


This is what all politicians do for a question they do not wish to answer.


Misdirection at its best! But definitely not planned. Just watch any 12 year old... Same thing!

Far from genius... I would say more like a functional idiot with no morals.


In this age ov ADD, ADHD, opiod epidemics across the country, and no pretense to the truth by most politicians, left and right, along with extreme polarization, this is no surprise. It's almost as if the collective IQ of the nation dropped 30 points since he came into office.


I would just stop at EVIL!

I agree.
And I would add: It is the "mystery" of "evil". I'm not talking about any supernatural being, but about the immense power of that undefined reality some people call "evil". Millions upon millions of people who just cannot see that this man, and his worshippers, are destroying this nation.


He knows what he's doing.


I'm really not a fan of his, but the documentary Sicko was spot on.


I think that's giving him too much credit, but yeah, the GOP is using him as a distraction quite handily.

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