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First I want to share a poem I wrote in about twenty mins. years ago under another name but y'all won't let me in.!!

missingiway 2 Sep 23

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You are still a Level 1.
You don't have the privileges yet.
Fill out your bio, answer some more bio questions...add a few more photos...and then "like" posts, comment on posts, reply to posts, etc! The points add up fast and you will quickly move through the levels.


hmmm posted where?


Where did you post it? It might not have approved by a senior member yet.

I just looked on your profile you only have 1 post which is this one. Repost your poem.


You're here posting, so in what sense are you not "let in"?

Posts have to be approved and may not appear immediately at first. That changes as you gain point status.

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