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Nothing in this world operates as you think it does.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 23

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Seems true.


Serious food for thought....


Taking your money away from big banks is the best first step you can take. Look for local credit unions that pay dividends (that's what banks used to do!).

I want to change over to a credit union (was with one for many years), but it's such an effort to get all one's accounts and bills switched over; is there a relatively easy way to do that?

@Condor5 Any decent credit union would assist you with all of it.

@Byrdsfan thanks, I'm going to check that out. I'm with Wells Fargo right now, and while I haven't had any problems to speak of with them, from all the bad press I keep hearing, it just seems a matter of time.

@Condor5 Oh good grief, yes, don't be supporting Wells Fargo!


What 30+ years of Teathugliscum domination brought us to.

That is quite a moniker (or...?); may we have a definition/explanation of the meaning?

@Infoguy211 no, you don't. I thought I asked rather politely, however. Are you just an asshole, or are you kidding with me? Sometimes it's hard to tell.



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