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Whats your thoughts on ageism?

Because as someone who is 40, the real youth (13-21) really think I'm "so very old."
I have clients who think I'm "too young to know anything."
Burning both ends of a candle, I'm telling you.

Nichole765 7 Sep 24

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Everyone deserves respect, no matter how old.


it gets strange when you don't look as old as you are, and I was part of the problem when I was younger. I always thought it odd when an older person hung with a group with younger people, though everyone was well over 18, so that wasn't it. I think I thought they should have moved on to an "older person's group". Well, the tables have turned, now that I am so old.

As a teen, I looked a couple years older (likely due to my curvy figure)
Now I'm nearly 40 and have younger men approach me. Shrug


Hey, you can't please everybody.

JimG Level 8 Sep 24, 2018

I'm about to turn 70. I remember when I thought that was prehistoric (some days I feel like it is). A number of my closest friends are in their 40's or 50's. I don't know whether it's because my career involved working with college students so I had to keep current. One thing I have noticed as I age is that I am becoming invisible. I can walk into a store and be ignored for surprisingly long periods of time. I waited in an almost vacant computer store for almost fifteen minutes before I was approached by a clerk. When possible I take my 30ish daughter with me. Clerks flock to her. It makes me angry and I also find it funny since I have more disposable income in retirement than I ever had when I was working. If nothing else, I'd think the clerks just might want to make a commission off me!

Staying current can be rough. The kids show me new dances, new music, new memes every day.

So true and I feel your pain.

Youth is wasted on the young


Come back to me when you are 42 then you'll know what being old is

  1. See you soon

For the older crowded you could mention your old enough to run for the presidency. For the young ones, you are only as old as your mind lets you feel.

I'm fairly sure I'll never want that job. Iol

@Nichole765 Just as an example of your wisdom.


Tell them your old enough to know better and young enough to make it work !


I think the older I get the less it matters..
When I was twenty I wouldnt even consider dating someone 5 yrs older.. now I would consider someone 15 yrs older.. it becomes more about the chemistry.

Regarding dates, I'm ok with 30 to 50... Depending on common interests, similar goals, etc

But my values, interests, hobbies, etc seems to be a distaste to both groups. ?

@Nichole765 how much of that is because of your generation, and how much is it because your not mainstream?

@hippydog I truly don't know.
But it's been on my mind the last few days.
I don't consider myself too much "out of the box"... But cultures change and you have to be open to the new.


Age is just a number, it tells how many trips around the sun you've taken. The age of a person does not indicate how much experience and knowledge a person has acquired. To the young, anyone older than them will be considered old. However, to older people, anyone younger than them will be considered to have not gone through the same things they have. Older people tend to stay focused on the years they were someone else's age. Times are constantly changing and do not stay the same for very long. What one was able to accomplish in the 1960s is not considered possible, or at the very least extremely difficult, today. People view the world through their own eyes and experiences.

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