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"The things you own end up owning you" - From Fight Club

A rail against capitalism and for always staring at a phone screen if ever there was one, but I feel it goes deeper than that. Cars, Homes and everything in them own us more than we own them. Time and money, acquired from trading time at work, go into keeping them clean and in good condition...

I hate everything I have but am too afraid to get rid of it all. I used to think I was setting up a home-base from where I could launch into any endeavor I wanted. No matter what I did I'd always have a home to come back to, but something is off; it's not my home but I am the home's owner.

Anyone able to relate? or counter?

DreadlySmart 5 Jan 27

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We have evolved into an endangered species disassociated from reality by the social engineering of dominion imposed by church, state, and the true rulers - the wealthy whose greed for things will be the end of us all. As long as most everyone is happy to live behind the bars of their cellphones and consume, it is very important for those who are still awake to set another example.

jeffy Level 7 Jan 27, 2018

Thats why you should invest in guns and doomsday preping

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