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I posted this to the uncommon words group (highly recommended), but in this case I could see it being removed because it isn't in the dictionary yet (because it's a word I made up), but I thought posting it here also would memorialize it.

Rereiteration: a phrase in which many of the words all mean the same thing (bad definition, I'm still working on it)

This is a word I've coined, so if that doesn't count, I'm happy to remove this post, but thought the folks here would appreciate it and the little story. Another post on the site recently showed a pic of the Amazing Randi and it reminded me of a podcast he made once about his friendship with Isaac Asimov, in which they discuss phrases loosely of the form, "Beowulf is an eternal epic for all time." He used the term "double redundancy" to describe it, but I thought using a doubly redundant term to describe it would be better, so I came up with rereiteration.

PolyWolf 7 Sep 25

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Oh, has that group changed? It was mostly a handful of people cutting and pasting words from lists of uncommon words they found on online lists.

It may still be that, but I like it well enough.

I’ve only posted about words I’ve come across that I feel are interesting.

Though, it is frustrating how a lost of posts are repeats and/or not too uncommon words.

@Annaleda Yeah, that's what I was doing. Then it turned into mostly reposted words of little interest with no comentary. I can look those up online if I thought that was interesting. C'est la vie, thanks for the update.

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