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Non-union workers desire to join unions at 40 year high.

By kmdskit38
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Republicans will send the jobs overseas.

Marine Level 8 Sep 26, 2018

Some jobs, especially in the service industry, can't be sent overseas.

@kmdskit3 But they can be paid a minimum wage

@Marine Which is why a union would help.


People are realizing that Capitalism is Evil.


The only people who don't like unions are the very stupid ones and the very rich ones.

Jolanta Level 8 Sep 25, 2018



When I was at my job before last I had contacted a union organizer to see about getting a union going. And then I decided to change jobs. My SIL (son in law) is union, he works in construction. My dad was in the brick layers union.

Unions mean more money, safer work environment, better benefits, no getting fired because you look at the boss cross-eyed and a stonger middle class. Be nice if we could remember how positive unions are for this country.

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