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I'm with her.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 26

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I would like to add a few cents worth on this whole issue.....I keep hearing the question - "why did she not speak up 36 years ago". Let me explain something....when you're 15-ish and you've just started to have a "social life", the LAST thing you're going to do is tell your parents about stuff like that happening at the party you just went to. Because their reaction would be (and probably rightly so) --no more parties. Your social life would come to an abrubt halt before it ever even got started.... Teenagers don't make smart decisions for the most part - thats all part of that rite of passage. Is there anyone out there who didn't see or wasn't involved in something they knew wasn't right - but kept quiet about it anyway?


Seems accurate.


Although not optimistic, I fear the best possible outcome of this show would be the (what I consider to be hateful) nomination being approved and a potential pink (female) voter wave to send a note the the tRumlicans.


I hate Teathugliscums.


That's about it, isn't it.

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