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If someone that does not really know me offers to pray for me I say " Waste of time". If they persist, I follow up with " Fine. You pray for me and I'll dance naked in the woods for you." I make a getaway as they digest that. When I was a student in college I had friends I would discuss religion with. They were smart and funny and did not get hot under the collar easily. I was experimenting with different belief systems at the time. I tried Buddhism and Wicca among others. Nothing works. By " works" I mean gets me what I want. All the gods are gone because they got tired of the constant whining. I'm not fond of the thought that some higher being has a better idea about what I should have than I do.

ForTheBirds 6 Sep 26

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Very erotic concept....arousing.

Wiccan , women only gatherings.


Nothing Fails Like Prayer 😉



I'll just say "no thanks" - they're not gettin' a naked dance show without being worthy in my eyes !


Or I like to say, "you pray for me, I'll think for you."

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