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Feeling the same today after the hearings as I did on election night. The petulant, crying , bullying , lying Kavanaugh will likely make it on the Supreme Court. Dr. Ford gave great testimony but we are ruled by red state senators - the old white men club. Damn. I need some scotch right now.

By Ohub7
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The night after Drumpf was elected, I ate a bowl of chocolate ice cream and watched a superhero show on TV. Neither are options today.


I still have hope, for a few more hours, that one of the wavering senators will be a hero and admit that his testimony was not credible. His explanations of ralphing, boofing and the devil's triangle club, etc., should have elicited laughs from the room, if it wasn't so sickeningly sad. His made up definitions should be understood as lying under oath. Then when he turned the "blacking out" question regarding alcohol around to Sen. Klobuchar, instead of answering her, was a really weak point in his testimony and his character as a man. If he is confirmed, it is yet another low point in our democracy.

Julie808 Level 7 Sep 28, 2018

I don't think there is enough scotch in this city to take care of this problem.

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