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Woman are a force to reckoned with. They are paying attention and they are voting. Politicians need to take heed to that.

Shelton 8 Sep 28

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Amen Brother!


Hell hath no fury like...


If this BS of a congress is ever going to change it will be the women of this country to make the change. Kick em all out and start over with lots of women. Men have been f*^king it up for too long. BLUE WOMEN's WAVE


You're goddamn right.


Yes we are!


I talked to my daughter at NAU this evening and she said there is a big change there as far as people constantly inquiring about whether you are registered to vote or not. She is a senior and this is the first time she has experienced this. She is registered for early voting and itching to go, in fact the first time to show real enthusiasm. She has always voted but it seems much more important to her this time.

gearl Level 7 Sep 29, 2018

Absolutely! And more power to them!

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