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I don't even like eisenhower but i sure can't argue with this.


genessa 8 Sep 29

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He was the last good republican president.

i don't think he was good -- but i will grant her was the last good person who was a republican president. he wasn't a great person but he was a decent human being in general (no pun intended); he was a better general than president, for sure. what came after, UGH!


@genessa His inter state highway system was a great idea and left the country with more than some presidents have. He was a very honorable person and general who cared about his troops.

@Marine i have issues with the interstate highway system. everyone loves it and we can't live without it, but the truth is, it wouldn't exist without lobbying from the auto industry, and without it, we might instead have fabulous and affordable public transportation, inter- and intracity, cross-country and all. amtrak wouldn't be spitting up blood. we are used to what we've been told is our freedom to drive everywhere, so it seems natural. if we didn't have that, not having it would seem natural. as for honorable... yes, in his way. as a president he behaved less than honorably, particularly with regard to the rosenbergs, who, whether or not they were guilty, did not get a fair trial (morton sobell lied on the stand with the prosecutors' blessings) and would not have been executed had they confessed (that is horrific). they were executed as an example and for no other reason. he could have gotten us out of vietnam; he didn't escalate and he did speak against our involvement, but he could have pulled us out and he didn't do that either. i could go on... and i could go on about his honorable service and his legitimate shock upon examining the concentration camps. but just as i cannot say he was a horrible villain, i cannot say he was a good president. by the same token i stand by the words of his that are quoted in the meme.


@genessa Actually the inter state highway system was built to move truups quickly if we were invaded. It was pushed by the military.

@Marine that makes sense but i don't think it was the only motivation.


@genessa agree


There are several parties in this country that believe they are morally justified to lead.


Said the man who authorized the first ever US peacetime overthrow of a foreign government, installing the Shah in Iran.

well, that is one of MANY reasons not to like him. it doesn't change the truth of the words.


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