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This is the only picture that matters right now. There’s a reason they’re fighting so hard for this nomination. What we are witnessing is the endgame of a strategy 40 years in the making. Karl Rove’s quest for a “permanent Republican majority” can’t happen in free and fair elections where every vote is equal, so a plan was put in place to 1) control voter turnout and counts and 2) take control of the judiciary to favor voting restrictions. That’s why it has to be Kavanaugh and no one else. He has been carefully groomed for this position probably since college. It’s been said before it bears repeating. Democrats play checkers. Republicans play chess.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 29

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Such a disgusting picture.


But permanent republican control for what purpose?

to guarantee their agenda becomes the driving force in defining us as a country...and a people

@Lavergne And how is that working for them so far? We've become the laughing stock of the world. We are no where near the top 10 in any rating that is worth being in the top 10. Well, we are first in military spending, prisoners per capita, guns per capita, gun deaths per capita, and we rank very high on the list of infant mortality. In anything else we are around 14 and below. And they're cool with this?

@Captain747ex Not only are they cool with it - they consider this just phase one. Their ultimate dream is to have a massive "for profit" prison system which will be full of - well, frankly - anyone who is not a WASP. Think of fulfills their biggest dream and makes them rich beyond belief. hahahah (Before you have a stroke - I am kidding - but its not that far out of line with their ideology)

@Lavergne Yeah, not that far off. They seem to praise the for-profit prison system. This place is really starting to suck, not that it hasn't for a while, but it's really getting worse. And the worst of it is, is that no one seems to notice, no one seems to care.


Exactly right. Demographic shifts mean taking control of the election process is the only way to maintain their power. It's all on the line right now.


No, Teathugliscums play dirty; Democrats play fair. Time to start fighting fire with fire

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