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I saw this in my FB feed from a truly nice woman (she was a coworker at the job I just left) and I responded to it:

As a Liberal Democrat I am NOT Pro Abortion. I am Pro Choice. I will support any woman making decisions about her body. I am not Anti Police. I am NOT Anti Gun, but I am pro gun control. I served in the US Army, I fired an M16A1 Automatic Rifle. It is a weapon of mass destruction, no one in the civilian world needs to own one. I am for supporting love in all forms, we don't have enough love in this world, I am not going to tell someone who they should love. I am pro feeding the hungry, I am pro welcoming the stranger. I am pro health care for all, all of these Jesus called Christians to do. I am not pro higher taxes, I am pro all paying a fair share of taxes, and using those taxes to help people in the US instead of bombing foreign countries back into the stone ages. We have never required ID at voting stations, voter fraud is actually a non-issue except to Fox News viewers. Democrats/Liberal are not necessarily Atheists. I am an Atheist who has read the Christian bible 5 times cover to cover, which is part of the reason I am an Atheist. I used to be a christian, I have taught Bible Studies, VBS, and Sunday School. As a woman I take exception to what the bible teaches about women and what the Republican party is burdening women with. In the bible and to the Republicans a woman's word is not equal to a man's. King David's daughter Tamar was raped by her brother. Tamar was punished and her life ruined, her brother had no punishment. This is not the world I want for my daughters, however I see the Republican's trying to enforce that in the USA now. L. P. if you want to unfriend me I will understand I will still love you. You are one of the nicest women I've ever had the pleasure of working with. However, I will not be silenced, ever. Our foremothers fought too hard to let our rights be stripped away. I will not be silent when our rights are threatened.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 30

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I’m struggling to see anything wrong with any of the items in the democrat list other than the word illegal and that’s pretty abused in this context. Take it out and they’re all good.

The US has just got such a strong hard right wing narrative all the time there’s no space to understand that socialism isn’t just Russia, that allowing all residents to vote is a way of getting immigrants to integrate, open borders are just fair (who the hell are we to say who can travel to what places?)

What’s really weird is how few in the US know that the most prosperous, equal and happy societies are significantly atheist and quite socialist (W European socialist - meaning that the economy is run for all not the few and taxes are high).


I am pro:
A woman's right to choose
Small Government
Same sex marriage, for those who want it
2nd amendment
Low taxes
Only citizens can vote
Open borders
The government out of the economy, including medicine


Amazing! Well done.?


Nicely done! I am turning over the egg timer to see how long it takes my uncle's wife to find and share this nonsense.


Nice letter.


I love what you said - and I totally agree with all of it. Seems to me like it all boils down to a pretty simply fact: republicans don't want any one/thing telling them what to do or how to live their lives - but they want to have the ability to silence anyone who doesn't think exactly like they do. Truly sad.


Oh well


I agree with all of that !!


I live in Australia and I am anti gun.


Good reply! What did she have to say?

She did not say anything, but several comments did not seem to be supportive 😉 which is to be expected. She has not unfriended me, and she is the nicest woman I've ever worked with.

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