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Barbara Ehrenreich on science based medicine and death:

kmdskit3 8 Oct 1

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I am currently reading her latest book "Natural Causes" where she discusses just that. I also have decided I am done with PAP tests and boob smashers. No colonoscopy ever again. I am also working hard now to get off BP meds and avoid any further prescription medications. No more making doctors/hospitals richer.


I highly recommend you read some of her other books that explain why she's taking this stance; it helped me understand her POV.

Here is Welcome to Cancerland: []

And Natural Causes: []

(I would also recommend Bright-Sided: []


My favorite of hers is 'Nickel and Dimed'.


Was just in hospital . A lot of tests were run , which seemed to have nothing to do with what I was in for . A lot of doctors came to my room to introduce themselves to me , charge me for a visit , and recommend that I visit them in their offices once I left hospital . In my opinion , it's even more aggressive than lawyers chasing ambulances going to accident scenes .

What would you prefer?

@memorylikeasieve I would prefer that they give me the correct medications in the correct amounts - I'm diabetic and should be on Humilog 75/25 and take 24 units twice a day . I'm allergic to the ones they put me on , and they were giving me 1 unit doses , twice a day - then commenting , Gee , your blood sugar is high . Of course it it , you idiots ! Doctors need to learn to listen and read - they can't be bothered .

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