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How do you feel about Christians? Do you love them, hate them, or just don't care about them? Do you get a lot of hatred from Christians, or do you get a lot of love or are they indifferent to you? Real life examples please, none of this you don't have a big enough sample crap

Atheistman 6 Jan 28

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It's like anything else. The religion is what you make of it. Your ideas on morality and religion don't tell me much about the world but they tell a lot about who you are.


If they're cool with me then I'm cool with them. Just like with everyone else. My best friend is a believer. We respect each other though. There is more to our relationship and being than just being a believer and a non-believer.


most are basic nice people .it's just collectively they get on the wrong track continuously


I think Nero had the right idea 😉


I don't have a lot of Christian friends. I do have some Christian relatives, but when they ask, I answer truthfully, yet most don't ask because they don't like my answers.


If you think Christians are bad you've obviously never been to the middle east. Stop undermining the system you have when its the best one around.

The "system" we have is worthy of undermining. Just because it might not be as bad as another, doesn't make it acceptable.

@KKGator you're missing the point. You mean improve, not undermine. wrong choice of words. If you want to undermine it that implies you think we're doing everything wrong and you want to tear the system down and start from the beginning.

@rmnsgrt No. I haven't missed any point. Tearing down the system doesn't imply it should be replaced with anything. It just means it should be gone.

@KKGator idk man, no system does sound like a very good system


The Christians I actually know, I probably mostly love. It doesn't seem fair to hate them. I do not understand them, but I remember what a struggle it was for me.

Some love me and care for me and are there for me when I am down, but I don't talk much about my beliefs.

I have a hard time believing that those Christians would suddenly hate me. They'd probably pray for me and worry and not understand, but that's cool.


I love certain christians, hate others, don't care much about the rest.


You can't hate a people as a group. I know and have known many great Christian people. Also some truly awful Christians. I don't like Christianity, and make no apology for that. Appalling history and a death cult. I don't need to go into any more detail than that.

You shouldn't hate a group of people, but you can. It happens all the time. I agree with you though.


I don't care what they do, as long as it doesn't negatively affect me, the economy, ecology, the world, my safety, and that of my friends and family, etc.

Sadly, that's JUST what they did when 85% of white evangelicals voted for Trump.

That put them on my persona non grata list, but otherwise if they don't promote their views at my expense, I live and let live, but I expect them to do the same.


In general, to be honest, I have a strong dislike for most Christians. Especially those that wear it on their sleeve. And so called 'Christian run business' is nothing more than an advertisement that they are sleazeballs.


for the most part I do not know or care the religion of the people I move past in day to day life. THe stuff I see on TV I do not like

@Atheistman not for you


I think this might be similar to asking if someone likes music. There are thousands of completely different views, all conflicting, but all Christianity. This makes reactions different constantly.


I value all people and have educated myself enough in religious topics to find common ground with them on many topics. I don't fear them, I challenge them only in regards to making them think, and I wish no ill will toward them.

Oh, an example. Friend from back in the MySpace days shows up in my Facebook feed this past week, haven't seen him around in maybe 8 years. He's always been a Christian, but he's gone hard-core, repent the end is nigh sort of Christian. So I spent some time interacting with him to understand where he is at with his beliefs right now, and learned what changed, viewed his posts back a few years, etc.

He thinks I'm gonna burn in hell & all that, because that's where his faith and his interpretations have led him. After a few days of discussion I realized his God is one like a Stern father, who wants what is best for his kids, but also one who has no tolerance for mischief and will take you back behind the woodshed for a whoopin' if you misbehave. I've known that kind of parent; I can accept that that is how he sees God and accept that it is how he chooses to believe.

I don't agree with that assessment, of course and I did say so, and I spent some time in dialoguing with him on the subject. He respects my beliefs and how I came to be the way I am, but still thinks I will burn in hell. I advised him I will take that up with God if he's waiting there upon my death, and if I get sent to hell, I will do there as I have in life and try to be a source of comfort for those in hell with me. I can pull a bit of dialog (mine, not his) from there and paste it here if you'd like to read how I interact with someone like that, if you'd like.

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