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Not-So-Fun fact: After the Kent State Massacre, when 4 unarmed college kids were murdered by the National Guard for protesting the Vietnam War, polls showed that up to 60% of Americans supported killing the kids, and the parents of the dead college kids even got hate mail and death threats from conservative Americans for months afterwards.

So it's just important to realize how disgusting and backwards mainstream American opinion has always been. The people on the forefront of positive change all throughout American history (whether abolitionists, or women fighting for the right to vote, or civil rights marchers, or anyone who has fought for more justice and equality) have ALWAYS been a statistical minority fighting AGAINST mainstream American opinion. Only with the clarity of historical hindsight do people eventually come to support these movements.

Given that fact, an important thing to do is to look around you at society today and try to identify the most progressive people and movements who are way ahead of their time but don't enjoy majority support. In the future, they will be acknowledged as the good guys, while those who fought to maintain the status quo will be forgotten in the dustbin of history.

HippieChick58 9 Oct 3

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I agree the Viet Nam war was wrong for many reasons. I was against the war and spoke out against it. However not all mainstream opinion is wrong, and much is a matter of preference, and therefore cannot be right or wrong. Be careful with broad brush statements.


The social and political divide is back and strong as ever.


Nothing but nothing seems to have changed. Just look at how many threats the young people who want gun control have got. So sad. While the rest of the world looks at the US and just shakes their heads.


Well said!

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