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I just got my emergency alert!

HippieChick58 9 Oct 3

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I did earlier.


I didn't get an alert.

We were on the ferry and even the ferry's alert system went off. I was in a discussion and the others phones went off as well. It was supposed to last 30 minutes so everyone turned off their phones so we could talk.

@JackPedigo Well, I feel special to have been excluded. Lol


Not me, I live in Canada.


You and 300 million others. Shit.Fucking Trumpus assholis maximus.

From what I heard earlier today, this program has actually been in the works for like 12 years or so....nothing really to do with trump. Having said that - let's see if he figures out a way to use it to create total and complete chaos and confusion at one of his 3 a.m. tweet storms... 😉😉

@Lavergne I sure hope you're right. Anyway, I'll take any opportunity to curse his dumb ass.?

@Condor5 too!

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