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Communication! So many difficult situations could be made much easier if there was more and clearer communication. There's twice as many words in the English language as there is in any other language. Yet we communicate so poorly. And the worst of it is not in how we talk about things, but the things that we don't talk about. We make assumptions and fumble around trying to figure each other out and cause no end of anxiety in the process. Thoughts?

Tompain1 7 Oct 4

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I agree with you about clear communication however sometimes what needs to be communicated is " you are being a complete idiot". I think if it were socially acceptable to punch people in the face for being exceptionally stupid, it might help curb such behaviour. Cutting in line, parking in handicapped spots when you're not handicapped, spending more than a minute sorting out how to use your debit card with 70 people behind you in line? Punch to the face. Just sayin'.


i think it needs a decent IQ to start with and then education - the sort that teaches you to think and then articulate what you think. And then you need the will to reach another person and not just defeat them where differences come up.


I think most of us are unaware of what others are experiencing, assuming our reality is the same for others.


Being precise and clear in communications is showing respect and kindness towards my fellow humans.


Most people don't actively listen or care about understanding others. They're only interested in their point of view and their turn to talk. Obviously communication can't exist as such.

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