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Last night at the bar a man grabbed me by the shoulder to ask me if he could buy me a drink and his friend was like "nah dude you can't just kavanaugh her like that".

Anyway that's the second time I've heard it used as a verb by a man this week.


kmdskit3 8 Oct 4

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Date the friend!!!!!!!!!!!

Good call!


It's is nice that in English anything can easy become a verb, or many verbs if you add the particles (up, out, in). This makes the language a lot more fluid.
This can be fine in my first language also but is not simple and you end up with a too impractical word.


I am both horrified and impressed.


He was probably hoping to trade a few drinks for a Lewinsky.




Its been added to Urban dictionary in exactly that usage

GwenC Level 7 Oct 4, 2018

Cool. To be added to Santorum.?


Perhaps when all the dust settles, we all will emerge more aware and informed of how better to personally interact with those around us. [ sigh ]

I'm [sick] fascinated with the tenacity and blind-eye many have toward propelling and supporting the nomination of Judge K. From a job interview point of view, he failed at the hearing.

P.S. Interesting adaptation of the term.


That's amazing. Maybe change is starting to happen.

As long as they use it to describe something not to do.?

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