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How do you deal with friends who constantly post religious material on Facebook. The family pictures, recipes etc are nice but enough with the feel good religious posts.

ydnil 4 Oct 5

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That one's easy, I'm not on Facebook.


I don't mind differing opinions but I do take extreme offense to having mine silenced. Where I am, and in my family, family members are free to express their theistic views while my agnostic views are silenced. I get told I might influence my nephews negatively by my sister.


I have a whole catalog of religious silliness that I respond with.


How do I, I really don't have that problem as I attack the premise of any and all religious posts that present a faith based assertion. Theists quickly learn to un-friend me.


For family and close and friends I keep scrolling. Otherwise, I may unfollow so we are still friends, but their stuff doesn't show on my timeline.


It post things like this underneath.


I had a friend from high school who deleted me, but not before jumping in my inbox enter a long dietribe insisting that my “bigotry and intolerance was getting old!” This, after I occasionally posted the meme of George Carlin dressed as a catholic cardinal and saying: “Sunday bitches! You got my ?” I don’t usually get too awfully anti-religion on my pág as my mother and other family members are all on there and they’re serious evangelicals. I’d prefer not to get bombarded with prayer warriors’ choke-holds in the name of Jesus. I agree with many; it’s not worth getting one’s nickers in a twist over. ??‍♂️?

This was the meme I posted occasionally. ??


Unfollow them. A friend of mine that is annoyed by everyone does this so he can connect with them without having to wade through their mindless nonsense.

For me, I started by scrapping the Facebook app on mobile devices. And it has helped. Not being pinged 50 times a day (or being tempted to open the app during every lull in activity) has helped considerably. I now check the profile maybe once a day on the computer, sometimes not even that.

While Facebook is in some ways worse than old tech, in terms of family sharing religious crap (and other nonsense in general), Facebook is actually better. Back in high school, they used to mass email all of this stuff to everyone, and one had no choice but to at least peek at it in order to deal with it. Now you can tell the algorithm to quash it and, done.

What are more annoying to me personally, are the "Did you see my entire life story as posted on Facebook?" people.


I left Facebook over a year ago. Originally from Louisiana and almost everyone down there is a Trump bible thumper (so it seems, or perhaps the Trump bible thumpers are also the most loud about it). I think this site has been a better social network in many ways for me than Facebook.

Ohub Level 7 Oct 9, 2018

It makes me sad that a few of my friends seem "cling" religion.. it seems they move from one addiction the next.. overcome meth.. turn Jesus..
I just scroll on by.. it's what they want believe and I don't want them getting all upset because of the way I do. Live and let live.


Ignore them.


I experience this, as most everyone I know is of Christian faith. I just keep on scrolling. No harm in your friends/family/acquaintances posting what they want to post or what inspires them unless it’s abusive. One may argue that religion is abusive as a whole, but I don’t want them criticizing my posts in the same manner. If they do criticize my views, I simply remind them that I don’t agree with theirs either, but I don’t expect them to censor themselves for my “delicate sensibilities.” I expect mutual respect. If that can’t happen, I block them and move on.


So long as they keep that stuff on their page, I don't think anything of it. If it seems excessive, there's always the unfollow option or hide for 30 days.


I started by deleting them and then I just deleted FB.


Facebook now has a ignore for 30 days option. Enough time to give you a break, maybe one of you will chill a bit during the break.


I defriended/blocked, broke off all contact with Trump followers, who were half my Haiti MK (missionary kid) friends, and many of my relatives, including three siblings.

If any Christian memes appear beyond this, I immediately question the person via messenger as to whether or not they are Trump followers. If they are, I defriend them at once.

If not, I make the Christian posts disappear with the "hide" option. If this type of meme occurs more than a few times, I "unfollow" them.

When were you a Haiti missionary kid? I did a brief trip there in 1984.


I have friends that do I simply chuckle and post my videos that show their ignorance. All is fair play.

If I post anything, a joke whatever about religion, others get so indignant with comments like ,who am I trying to convince, myself or others. That was from my mother, so can't really unfriend her, lol.

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