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Would You Sacrifice Yourself For A Stranger?

How much value do you put on human life as a whole? What if the stranger was a child?

kensmile4u 8 Oct 6

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For a child, probably.

Deb57 Level 8 Oct 6, 2018

Thx for the comment. Yes, I would surely do it for a child too.


I have found that human beings really never know how they're going to react until it happens

Thx for the comment. I think your statement is true for some humans. But IMHO other humans are predisposed to respond in a predictable fashion. Some will run from danger, others will run toward it.


My children, neices or nephew in a heartbeat. Not so sure about strangers. I have certainly put myself in danger to rescue others, not sure if this warrants a sacrifice

Thx for the comment. I commend you for rescuing others. At a minimum it is a sacrifice of your time.


I would do it for an animal (the non-human kind). Humans, no, stranger or not.

Thx for the comment. That's an interesting point of view. Would you sacrifice for a family member? Or a child?

@kensmile4u NOPE

Especially NOT for a family member.

@graceylou I can understand you justifiably NOT feeling compassion for your family. Why do you think all people are not worth sacrificing for?

@kensmile4u I don't like people.

@graceylou I feel ya on that point!


Probably not the answer you are looking for, but I know how to protect myself, and others.

Thx for the comment. I'm not looking for a specific answer. I post to learn from this community without judgment. Are you saying you think you can always save someone without the cost of your own life?

@kensmile4u I've had three assassination attempts on me. I'm here. Vertical and breathing. Don't want to come off as a badass or anything. Just saying truth.

@TheGreatShadow Care to share details? guns? hand to hand? other?

@kensmile4u I can't tell you all the details because two are still under investigation. Guy went to jail. I never did. Knives were involved. That's about all I can say.

@TheGreatShadow Thanks for the reveal. Some things are better left unsaid!

@kensmile4u It is sometimes better if you save your breath. I can give you more details after the court figures out what to do. However, he won't be tried/cinvicted till maybe next year. Then I can tell you what happened. I'm not in any trouble. I did have to go to court to get a restraing order extended. No charges against me.


The problem is that i would instinctively in the spur of the moment probably attempt to help the stranger or child and not actually be aware that my life was in danger

Thx for the comment. I know what you mean. I have saved someone and thought afterward how much more danger existed than I perceived at the time.


If you mean give my life for a stranger, no. The people I love deserve that I put them before a stranger.
I love myself. A stranger could be an unknown enemy.

I understand your point regarding an adult. What about a child? Could an unknown child be an enemy?

@kensmile4u Child or adult makes no difference.

Picture my son losing his father to save some stranger kid. Would the reason I'm gone fix the problem that he has no father in the future. Is my own existence so negligible that I should end it by choice?

It's simple I love for the people I love, including myself and myself first.

@x0lineage0x You have made a compelling argument. Would you think differently if your son was grown?

@kensmile4u No. At any point should I kill myself a person x might live?
Morally it would be wrong. I am not against saving a life. I have done it before, bit that wasn't the question.
Risking yourself and sacrificing yourself are not the same.

@x0lineage0x I understand the distinction you are making. You will help but there is a risk threshold you will not cross. I'm good with that.


I don't know for sure, but I probably wouldn't. Obviously, the details and circumstances matter, because I'd weigh the risk level and potential for survival against my ability to resolve the situation. If climbing into a crumbled building was something I could do because I'm small, I might give it a try. If I thought I could coax a child out because I'm good with kids, I'd try, But if it looked like we'd both have a poor chance of survival, I'd probably stay safe.

Thx for the thoughtful comment. I agree if the situation were hopeless I wouldn't try.


A child? Probably so.

Thx for the comment. I agree. I would not hesitate to save a child at my expense.

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