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Sorry people. You tried. I never supported what he did, I was against the accusation and how far in the past it was. I DID mention that they should've found something else to deter his nomination. The Grand Dragon is feeling pretty smug today, eh? Did he tweet? []

IAJO163 8 Oct 7

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I want to thank everyone such insightful comments and for taking the emotion out of this issue and seeing it for what it really is. TY! 😀


There was plenty to deter this nomination, before any of the women came forward. He perjured himself repeatedly in his testimony. He clearly demonstrated un-judicial temperament.

90% of his paper trail was suppressed. Even the sham FBI report was, insanely, one printed copy in a secure room that Senators had to take turns looking at. So this was not a proper hearing in any event.

The point has been repeatedly made that the GOP would rather lose the mid-terms and even their majority than not get another SCOTUS appointment to their liking. And it's not certain they'll lose the majority anyway, and unlikely they'll lose it in the Senate.


When the accusations started, I heard from both sides, "He's guilty! He did it!" and "She's lying!" I held off from pointing fingers. I wanted to get all the facts. Even after hearing Ford and Kavanaugh, I still wasn't sure about anything. The problem with with accusing someone of a crime that happened decades ago is lack of evidence and memories can be clouded. I wasn't for Kavanaugh being a Supreme Court justice from the beginning. Personally, I'd rather have more liberal-leaning justices. After hearing Kavanaugh, he seemed unfit to serve based on his anger, back-talk, and primarily blaming the Democrats/Clintons. It's hard to imagine he will be show fairness during court verdicts when he's blaming an entire political party.


I accusation was too far back for him to be charged. However his smugness and resistance to take accountability was at the core of my issue with him. He also proved that he cannot and will not be impartial on the bench. It was a forgone conclusion that a republican would be on the Supreme Court. However, he was not fit for the position. In the meantime, another tax break for the rich was quietly passed though.. because of this shit show.


the accusation was the icing on the poisoned cake. it was made BEFORE he was the nominee, by the way. anyway, even without the accusation he was clearly unfit. he lied in his hearings for his last job (two days ago i still could say "current" job). the senate deliberately deprived itself of most of his history, so it could pretend in innocence to think him fit, even though he forwarded documents he knew to be stolen and then lied about it. he lied about his involvement in torture in the bush administration. he is clearly partisan and that venom dripped from him in this recent hearing. any idiot could see he was (at the very least) temperamentally unfit to be on ANY bench. on top of that, to comment on a comment, it was no circus to doctor blasey-ford.



All just a circus to distract people while the oligarchs continue looting the country.

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