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I do not profess to be a Taylor Swift fan; at least not until now. She just did something that took some courage, and it appears to have had a profound effect in her home state of Tennessee:

New York Daily News: Taylor Swift's political statement prompts enormous uptick in voter registrations.

Condor5 8 Oct 9

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Good for her to finally climb off the fence.


Today is the deadline to register, and there are huge campaigns to sign people up all over the state. Probably would have gone up anyway, just maybe not as much. I just hope it helps Bredesen after he shot himself in the foot with that Kavanaugh bullshit. There are people saying they won't vote for him now. Those people are idiots. You want Blackburn? Because that's how we get Blackburn. It's how we got Trump ffs.


I had read her full post I was very impressed with her stressing to learn about the people you are voting for, make your decisions from what you've actually learned.


When I saw this story, my first thought was, "I hope it's not more republicans registering", LOL! Seriously, I think everyone who is eligible to vote should be able to vote. I just wish the republican party would stop trying to keep people from voting. Hopefully the younger people will be inspired by Taylor and register and start getting involved in our Country. I told my grandkids, one of which will be voting for the first time, their vote is for THEM. They are voting for people who are going to be controlling their futures so they better get informed and know what the politicians are doing and what laws they are passing.

Precisely! That is exactly what they need to understand; despite the setbacks we've had and the shenanigans those assholes are pulling, you can't just refuse to participate out of frustration. There's no chance to make a difference if you don't even try. It's like expecting to win the lottery but refusing to buy a ticket.


I saw the numbers and it is encouraging. She is a force to be reckoned with and I am glad she is on the side of decency. I hope all those people who registered do vote!


Thanks to those that registered to vote. Now they need to actually do it.


65,000 new voters. Impressive.


I'm glad she did this. Getting broadcast tv out of TN, I've seen loads of ads for/against Bredesen and Blackburn. Blackburn's ads or those for Blackburn are full of misinformation and outright lies, plus she adores Trump. I'm so sick of Blackburn, whom I was unaware of before.


So what...she used her popularity to goad people into voting for her agenda. Just another example of her self-serving hypocritical feminism....I'm not impressed.

nor is your misogynist comment impressive.

Thanks for your opinion no matter how wrong it is.

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