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5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare

  1. Freedom from hunger & thirst.
  2. Freedom from discomfort.
  3. Freedom from pain, injury & disease.
  4. Freedom to behave normally (according to their species).
  5. Freedom from fear & distress.

Dr. Charlene Berkvens
Fostering Change Farm website

atheist 8 Jan 30

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I love all animals. However, I do think that many people don't understand the difference between domesticated animals and wild animals. I live in Tucson, AZ and we have quite a large population of coyotes living in the city, mostly in what we call "washes" or dry river beds. We all get along just fine. The coyotes barely glance at a person when they are walking down the street. When I see one when I'm out walking my dog, I usually stop, and just let the coyote or coyotes pass by. Coyotes are beautiful wild animals and I would never think of disturbing one. As far as I know, there has never been a case of a coyote attacking a person here. However, people who "adopt" baby chimpanzees do not understand that they are "wild" animals who are extremely dangerous as adults. Jane Goodall never fails to remind people when she appears on TV that chimpanzees should never be pets. Wild animals are not bad, they are just who they are and trouble usually arises when ignorant people fail to respect their space or try to make them pets. Humans should have respect for all the creatures that we share our planet with.


We humans do not have that many freedom in our welfare.

@atheist Number 1 alone will be a big plus... Nr 4 will be unattainable utopia... I am okay with the freedom to behave normally but I don't want to behave normally... I want to be skewed me all the time.... 24/7.

@atheist I was thinking on Human Welfare of course and those humans in the need without the resources.


We certainly do fail to deliver these to way too many species !


I agree and wish everybody believed those five things were important.


there is no such thing as freedom

I didn't say it was and it's a nice thought


Idealistic. If we're talking about wild animals not in a Disney film then Number 4 is the only one that is realistic. I do love animals.

gearl Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

@atheist How?

@atheist I Googled it. From what I saw it applies to farm animals so I can see your list working from that perspective. What made me question was the "according to their species" in your number 4 where I assumed you were talking about wildlife. Again, I can see how people could apply those steps to domestic animals but not to wildlife. I could completely get behind permaculture and believe it's a great system.


How about the freedom to be a nasty little shit and sink its claws into my ankle whenever I walk by?

You can also let your (cat - I assume ?), pet know this is not acceptable behavior. Lots of info online, or from your Vet.

@evergreen -- What? And take away his favorite toy? You ... you ogre.

@evidentialist well then ... enjoy your wounds !


I am totally in favor of this, but to be honest, I only have number 1.


Last time I had looked humans were animals, mammals as I remember.

Sure but a lot less intelligent / caring than the four legged ones.

my grandmother and I had a huge argument about that

@btroje What did she think, we are cyborgs.

@azzow2 she thought humans were a whole separate category because we had a soul

@btroje I have heard that kind of statement in the past. Just being my normal wiseness lol

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