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Photos from Songkhla, Thailand: bird, monkey, snake, food, temple

1.tiny, preening, 3.5-inch male orange-bellied flowerpecker

2.long-tailed macaque in motorbike basket, looking for food

3.striped bronzeback snake, only midly venomous, frozen on trail, hoping to be mistaken for a stick.

4.southern Thai pasta, with fresh homegrown vegetables

5.row of standing Buddha statues at temple near Samila Beach

I have been teaching in Thailand since 2010 but really came here to photograph birds, after one of my Morehead University students showed me photos of birds he'd taken in Thailand.
I told him I would move there, so I did.

birdingnut 8 Oct 11

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Thanks for the pictures. I always enjoy your posts.


Nice photos of a beautiful country.


What is the point?

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