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Dreams are what occur between the past and the present. Any thoughts?

Cutiebeauty 9 Oct 13

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never thought about it but it can by nature only be the past


I go to bed (past) and wake up (present).... I am sometimes lucky enough to have interesting dreams in between!

If you REALLY want to have fun... Keep a journal by your bed and make yourself write down your dreams in detail when you wake up. You may then, over time, become a lucid dreamer where you realize you are dreaming inside the dream. Then you can rewrite it to suit you!


Only the past. Just a reflection of past experiences and a revision of conscious and unconscious thoughts and events. 😛

kng01 Level 5 Oct 14, 2018

No, there is place for future too


Dreams are the yarns your mind spins when you sleep, or alternative possibilities you imagine or wish for while awake. Since both can be set in the future I don't think they inherently occupy some space between the past and the present.

Haven't you ever had a dream about something when you were younger?

@Cutiebeauty Sure. And I've had dreams about things that happened that very day, and about things that would happen in the future.

@mordant that's my point.. Dreams span past, present, and future... Thus my question

@Cutiebeauty You will find that I (and a lot of other people) tend to be rather literal, so if you didn't literally mean dreams occur between the past and the present (your turn of phrase), you should probably mention that they span the past, present and future. That's significantly different.

Now that you're including the future, my response is ... a lot of things reflect the unique human awareness of the story arc of our existence from birth through death ... things like our memory of actual events, our ability to generalize / philosophize about it all ... our ability to make predictions. So I don't see dreams as unique in this regard. In fact I'd be surprised if they were confined to (say) the past.

My dogs seem to dream about chasing and barking at things, judging from their dream-barks and leg movements when they sleep. I wonder if any of those are imagined or hoped-for scenarios or 100% grounded in past recollections? It's possible that for them, it's all in the past, as they have much less ability to imagine the future. I think the future is largely, if not completely, closed to them.

@mordant OK first of all, all your other people don't mean anything to me, I don't accept mob rule as a defense...

@Cutiebeauty They are not "my" other people, I'm simply suggesting I'm likely not unique in taking your actual words as pretty much what, you know, you actually mean. But it is not my intention to make this an ass-kicking contest. As you can see by actually reading my response, I did the following:

  1. Clarified why I [mis]understood you
  2. Modified my response in light of your clarification
  3. Contributed some comments based on that, which is what you implicitly were asking for in the first place.

Hopefully you do not have a problem with that or find it unreasonable.


Dreams are what happens when your brain wants action and your body refuses to deliver. Maybe it's fantasy, or reflection on what's going on in your life, serious or not. The brain wants stimulation and won't accept 'no' for an answer.


I have had some déjà vu from this phenomenon.

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