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When does people believe that there is a god?

BayingCabillo 2 Oct 17

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First of all you need instruction. You need to be taught the concept of god, it does not come naturally.
As the societies we grow up in subconsciously reaffirm the taught concept, it is understandable people believe so they are accepted by society, their group.
You can't blame people for this, but can stop it by emphasising to kids that "god" is a concept, a belief. It is not truth or knowledge


how about some grammar ? this looks like a god believer wrote this.


When they're simpletons, willing to be manipulated.


When? When they are indoctrinated or unable to think critically.
Why? See above.

Deb57 Level 8 Oct 17, 2018

Terminal disease that can't be cured by medical science? A sense of purpose? Considered the baine of society? Thought of a never-ending life? An invisable object in the sky that always cares for you?


Can you reword this grammatically? It made my eyes hurt

It hurt my brain lol


which people are you talking about? by "when" do you mean what time of day? most of the people here do NOT believe there there are any gods.



Only when theists imagine them.

JimG Level 8 Oct 17, 2018

When there is no evidence to prove there IS a god.


Try rephrasing the question. Your meaning is ambiguous.


why are you on this site?


LOL. .hey there

@BayingCabillo hey

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