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Do you ever have to dumb your self down for believers?

Rhonda873 6 Feb 2

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Every day here as well. I'm also no genius either but just with a little critical thinking and epmathy seem to have a very hard time talking to almost everyone. to me it's pretty exhausting so I just keep quiet.


Not just for believers, I have to dumb down every day of my life almost. I am no genius, but know a little about many things, though I know absolutely zero about many more.
On a day to day basis I am stunned how little the average person knows.
A simple example, because we are now metric, many people my age have totally forgotten and have no idea what Fahrenheit is. Basic conversions such as miles to klms, hectares to acres are beyond them. Tell them how high a horse is and they just stare at you. Three times in the past 12 months I have had carefully planted beds pulled up by qualified horticulturists claiming the plants were weeds.


No. It's quite clear how dumb I am...... 😉


No. I just can't.


I used to, but now let them figure it out.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 2, 2018

I do in certain situations but generally don't

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