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Should I get a Master's Degree in Business (related material) or with engineering since I got my bachelor's in engineering.

Millzy 5 Oct 19

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Bachelor's level degree was mainly technical, that is, preparing you to handle engineering problems, but pursuing the Master's will expose you to economics/business, too. A large part of the engineer's job, regardless of specific discipline, involves making sound business decisions. Going for the Master's in engineering gives you exposure to the basics of business and it is a natural extension to then go for the MBA. Get your engineering out of the way first.


You need to decide what your end game is and look for jobs in that field and see what they require. My guess is that if you really want to be a true engineer and expert witness etc the masters in engineering would be best. If you want to start your own company someday perhaps the MBA. But find out what those hiring for the job you want are requiring before you decide.

lerlo Level 8 Oct 20, 2018

Engineering. The world doesn't need more business people.

Dietl Level 7 Oct 19, 2018

Depends. If you like to work in the lab and solve technical problems, get a M.S. in engineering, otherwise if you like the business side, get an MBA. You can always work a few years before you make your decision.

BD66 Level 8 Oct 19, 2018

Exactly . MBA is a lead in to a different more business focus. MS more problem solving. Which do you prefer?

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