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Discussion point - One is going to have a far more interesting conversation with a Buddhist than an atheist. Considered and polite responses only please

Geoffrey51 8 Oct 23

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One, at least this one, does not concur.


I agree so far as concerns those atheists who strongly identify with atheism. The person tethered to his atheism has nothing to say about religion except that he doesn’t believe in gods and that the burden of proof is on you.

The Buddhists that I have met are modest and don’t like to flaunt their religion, so you might not get much out of them either.

You can have very interesting conversations with open-minded people who are fellow humans first and who happen not to believe in God secondly. Lots of examples on this forum.


Buddhist are atheist unless you count karma as a deity.


False: the individual you are speaking with is always a lot more complicated than a single label. Just being a Buddhist doesn't make someone a better conversationalist.


I believe it is possible to be both.

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