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U.S. shootings in 2018: 4146. Deaths: 1125. Kids (0-11 y.o.) killed: 49. Teens killed: 215.

I can normally stop myself from starting a political thread. I've only started one other political thread. (Although, I enjoy commenting on others' threads - especially when the amount of data in the thread's comments is low or poor.)

But this makes me really smad. WTF, U.S.?

SamKerry 7 Feb 3

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If you subtract the police shootings and the suicides, how many shootings are you left with? If you follow the statistics you will find that almost all the rest are shootings by criminals and gang members in chronic economically depressed areas. In sum, what most of those remaining shootings have in common are economically disadvantaged youths with no hope of the American dream other than to be a major drug dealer or gang lord. If you think it all is a matter of the availability of guns, research the murder rates in the countries that far exceed ours and you will see that despite those countries very strict gun laws, murders are way more prevalent than ours. Or, you can just parrot the rhetoric of the anti-gun groups/people without finding the truth on your own.


There are a couple of times in my life when I needed a gun and had to call the local police instead, to put down an injured animal. Trump doesn't want North Korea to have the means of attacking America, good call. Why do some countries have the "right" to have nukes and some don't? Why don't we all have them so we can protect ourselves?
Same with guns. It shouldn't be a right to have concealable and automatic weapons. A car can be a weapon, but who can take them to the top floor of a building to take out pedestrians? Most Aussies have never fired a gun yet we still have nutters who have used them to murder many people. There is no perfect answer acceptable to all. Risk management is the best we can do.


Coming from across the pond, where we have very strict gun controls, I always find it absolutely unbelievable that people argue against even the most basic checks and restrictions on gun ownership. While I'm in favour of people being able to own a gun (or more if they have a good reason), I can't see how assault rifles and large capacity magazines are justifiable in a modern society. It beggars belief and it really should be possible for people to have freedoms to defend themselves without having the freedom to launch mass killing sprees. Very sad.


I cannot forgive my fellow citizens who support the NRA. I'm sure they go to church and think they are good people.


Yes, well. We have thoughts and prayers so we don't need children and teenagers. That's why. 'murica.


I don't look at it as a political issue. It is a serious public health issue from the dead and wounded to the effects of trauma through society


Thank you, NRA. Your profits are totally worth the loss of life (lives). We gotta control the population somehow. Lives evolve into dollars for you. Yay, team.

NRA "profits"? Do they make a profit from selling something? Are they a gun manufacturer? Please explain how they "profit" in your context?


This is, unfortunately, just normal everyday activity in the USA. Not even newsworthy now. (IMHO)

It is normalized but I still think it is newsworthy


Too bad we don't have facebook options of replying. I'd select anger.

@btroje I agree but to make my point, I had not seen ANY news articles about the killings in 2018 in this county.

@astardrifter You did good with your reply my dear

@jlynn37 yes I saw one brief blip about a shooting in western KY and since then have seen omore news about it by WitchyMom on this site


American logic - the answer to too many shootings? MORE GUNS lol.

Seriously, after each mass shooter the first political reaction is "thoughts and prayers" (eye roll) followed by "if only someone had a gun to shoot the shooter." My favorite example is after the last church shooting where they are now bringing guns to church to protect themselves. Talk about not walking the walk...

not this american

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