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Do any of you feel like your mind is a barless prison?

TheGreatShadow 9 Oct 23

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Not anymore.

skado Level 8 Oct 24, 2018

Do you mean a "braless" prison?

Entschuldigen Sie bitte, dass ich Sie störe. Mine Führer.


Good explanation. My mind loves to imagine and create, but reality puts physical restraints on what is possible.

Thank you for the reply! I guess I am unrealistic. If I can change a handful of peoples lives, that's a handfuls more than nothing.

@TheGreatShadow lead by example is best


Where I live I keep it on lockdown.


....yes, I am both the guard and prisoner.


For many years, I was stuck in a bad marriage, and felt like a prisoner. I remember referring to my state of mind as "my gray little cell" and I wrote poetry and songs expressing my desire to escape it. Finally my opportunity came for me to run and I did. I have no desire to write poetry anymore, as I am happy. Never looked back.

So, for me, it wasn't my own mind so much that was the prison, but the situation I was in. I guess, in a way it was my own mind because I was following some sort of decorum regarding how I went about my escape, but still I just had to act a bit out of character to achieve my freedom.

Sometimes we don't see our options, or act on them, because we have imposed a certain set of rules upon ourselves, what is expected of us, or what we've been taught. The best advice I can give anyone who is feeling like they are imprisoned by their mind is to try to be true to the inner you and devote yourself to what will give you happiness, and set about making those circumstances happen.

I'm not sure of your reason for posting this question, but it kind of resonated with me.

Thank you for the reply! Id did intentionally make that vague.

What I was talking about is there are things that keep me up at night, and I have zero control over them. I studied sociology in college. I can't sleep most nights. I think about things like WWII. How people like hitler and stalin came into power. Why serial killers like dahmer and gein were the way they were. I think of our Brave Heroes that can't afford medical, denied by V.A. Even worse I hate to see a homeless soldier that is on the street begging for food. Similar note; people can spend hundreds on a fancy dinner. They never bother to volunteer at a soup kitchen, or donate to a food pantry. I can't fathom how people judge someone just by the the colour of their skin. How we are so easy to judge people. The "social exchange" theory. How are judicial system is designed to protect criminals. How a minimum wage worker is taxed 33%, but CEO's might get taxed less than 10%.

My mind is always thinking about things like this. I can help a little, but not on a global scale.

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