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I assumed, wrongly i have been again reminded, that would be a supporter of the truth, and support a freedom of expression that is just short of actual threats of violence. Over the past few months this assumption, and hope, has been repeatedly bashed. (Short of stalking, there should be no way to block another member's posts from a thread. If stalking, police should become involved.)

Latest: The new NAUSEA button feature is a clear example of my concern.

The implications of this "feature" are significantly disturbing. For everyone! Already, every click is recorded. So, what will be done with the data collected from those who click this new "feature?"

And if used to create censor filters, AG will become just as fascistic as el trumpo wants the country to be. Nausea=blasphemy.

This increases my concern about the ethical depth of the AG owners.

How can any of us trust any of us?

Jacar 8 Oct 23

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Actually, it is an attempt at a "groan" emoji, mostly in response to puns. I don't use it for that, as I really want to get one that is more "groan-y" for that. The nausea emoji does come in handy as a response to some posts or replies tho, under certain situations. That will vary from person to person. If you are getting a lot of them you may be visiting the wrong groups, as it would seem that a lot of folks really disagree with you. That is not a reflection of the ethics of the site.
As far as blocking...I block no one personally. I have blocked one person from one of my my groups as he would not stop with negative personal comments about another member, after repeated pleas to do so. That is MY right as the group host.


I was absent for a month. What is the Nausea button you are on about?Where can I find it? You sound worried. I suggest you take a break from us. It clears up yout perspective.

The nausea emoji is in the "like" column, last one down.

It's a new addition to the reactions we can give on posts/comments/replies.

@phxbillcee Thanks, I found it.


I think you need to step back from the woo.

If the site is that frightening to you - you do not have to be here. No one forced you to be here.

Anywhere online can be collecting data - that is absolutely true - however we're all willing participants here - and they're not trying to sell us a thing.


I don't follow... what? "Nausea" was a requested "Like" option for members.

Admin Level 8 Oct 29, 2018

It seems he doesn't like it when others don't like his comments.

If there were a "Huh?" or "WTF?" reaction, I would have given it to this post. 😛

@bingst We need a DSP reaction option too- Damn Screwy Post...

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