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The benefits of red wine. ???

By Sheannutt9
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I Like the burn fat part. Don't believe it though.

Remowill Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

I understand the purple grape juice has the same benefits without the alcohol(could be wrong).

Mike1947 Level 7 Oct 26, 2018

It does. But wine is more fun.


Wine consumption may have some health benefits, but drinking too much of any kind of alcoholic drink increases the risk of:
mental health problems.
fatty liver.

It's hard to get some of the women to control themselves after a couple of glasses. I admit it.
But no ones been hurt yet.


I can't stand red wine, just cannot drink it. Of course I drink cheap wine, maybe more expensive stuff is better.

I have had some expensive wine in the past, some of it tastes just as bad as a cheap ones. ?

@Sheannutt Well, you just blew that theory out of the water...

Cheap wine is cheap because of fillers. It's better to drink water than to drink cheap wine.

Just get wine that has no sulfites. It may be hard to find.

@Remowill I think it's available at Whole Foods, certainly the Hadley store has it (I managed it for 9 years LOL)


I love studies that reinforce my bias.

sfvpool Level 7 Oct 24, 2018

My favorite whine is "I want another beer".


Like we needed more reasons

You got it. The more the better, though.


100 days until I can have some!


And how many glasses a night do they recommend? Ahem.

Hathacat Level 9 Oct 24, 2018

I have no idea but when I do have my wine it's at least two glasses ?

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