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Do you believe in Democracy ? I don't . To me democracy never existed not even at the time of the Greeks , they found fake ballots as in an article by National Geographic. The Romans invented the Republic but it was more a Res Patricia than Publica, Now the world affairs are run by whites but they are not the majority. In the same party if you can have a good idea but if it's not in line with party dogmas is deleted. Once politicians, that I consider legalized criminals are elected they don't remember you. The only close type of Democracy is the one practiced by the Native North Americans with no parties , simple voting and not that expensive. I have more examples but for now is enough to digest.

Sofocleto 4 Oct 26

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Do you believe in Democracy ? - Yes, but what you go on to describe is not democracy, but attempted implementations of the idea. I also believe that democracy can be manipulated, hijacked, or outright bought. People are too lazy, ignorant, and indifferent to keep our current (and past) forms of democracy on track...and I feel we are 100 or so years away from essentially crumbling. I believe the government (aka - military industrial banking complex - not the whites) will continue in some form to enslave and murder the world for profit, but the sheeple will continue to support Oceania.

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