9 0 wants to know what's my mind,? What if I say rebellion against Facebook so that we only have Agnostic, will you support that?

Humanlove 7 Feb 4

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surrounding yourself with like minded folks, while thinking of yourself as open to new ideas seems odd to me.

I like having a mix of friends who believe completely different from me. How else will I see new ideas, and possibly change my mind if I'm wrong on something?


Twitter is more damning than FB.
Start a rebellion against it and I'm all in. 😀


I never even noticed that. Ok back under the couch I go.....


i like fb


I use Facebook less and less, but I do use it to keep up with friends and relatives. Many of my friends don't care about religion one way or the other, but I cannot see them coming to this site.


Um, no. I have friends and family out of state and FB gives me an easy, friendly way to creep on them.


To a degree, yes. I'd like to challenge myself to use Facebook less, and more, though I will not delete FB entirely as it's the main form of contact I have with some family members.


It is a big world and we don't just want everybody here. It will be considered.


Ever since I joined, I don't post much on Facebook.

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