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The Faces of This Weekend... and is only Half Day Saturday, mind you.

GipsyOfNewSpain 9 Oct 27

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The gop and trump's handlers in the WH allow this shit to go unchecked. They KNOW the effect words have, every fucking person on the planet knows the effectiveness of words.
It is time the WH and the gop stop treating Americans like idjits!!
We American must demand the hate and division stop.


Trump and his cabinet need to realize that his words have consequences. All his lies and verbal attacks go into the minds of people who are mentally unstable and will take his statements literally. Trump should be punished in some way.

Hell, Charles Manson got life in jail even though he never physically killed anyone. Manson spread lies and got his followers to do his dirty deeds. What does Trump think will happen when he tells his supporters that Democrats are evil and the media (except his precious Fox News) is fake and spreads lies?

Excellent point, forgot about ol' Charlie Manson.

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