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Fuck you, Marie Osmond.


ProudMary 8 Oct 29

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"because we are weak individually but we are strong as we are united"
the literal original definition of fascism


I won't say the Osmonds didn't have any talent; their music, however, sucked. Donnie, on Jeff Beck's one song does a good job, albeit only a couple lines. Marie, ugh.


As the old saying goes (excuse me for being crude as I try not to be, at least too often, but I do enjoy odd humor): I wouldn't £_《♧ Marie Osmond with someone else's □¡《♧.


I wonder how many "real christians" in the audience realize she's a confused, heretical Mormon? Here in the south, mormons and jehova witnesses (even some catholics) are not "real christians", and are just as evil as atheist or muslims (some consider them even more dangerous). But then again, let's ignore that, or the fact that we are at an event trying to promote unity, and start thumping our bibles at the horrible plight of censorship and persecution we experience in the USA.

"Stupid is as stupid does" - Forrest Gump


No one is going to take away your freedom to be a Christian, Marie Osborn. Christians can't fool everyone into believing the unbelievable any more. People are realizing your brain washing and tricks to extort their money. Your audience may not be as large any more. People have the freedom to believe whatever religion they choose in the USA or none at all. That is whats going on.


She is and always has been an unbearable c@#t. That goes for little donnie too.

@ProudMary lf they were really good people they would share some of those extra teeth they have with those who need them.

How many of y'all ever wondered about the incest rate in the Osmond household, especially compared with Utah?


I always wonder: how do these folks see themselves as victims? The answer is that we all love being victims and they spend their lives repeating that lie

On the flip side it is absolutely imperative that all we do is fight to remove illigitemate privilege. We can be sure that there will be those in our community who want to become totalitarian in their turn eventually...

But yes: fuck you, Marie Osmond.


Mormons are fed so much shit it's unbelievable! Couple that with the way they are raised, to never question anything and take the words of the bishop as absolute truth even when it's not. Men are everything and elders, women are there to help them be the greatest they can be and produce children and there is hypocrisy abound! Because of this we can expect no more from them. ☹️ That is their measly life and it's very sad that they will never know there is much more to life unless they leave the cult.

@PalacinkyPDX absolutely!

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