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According to Faux News evidently George Soros is the sum of all evil.

By kmdskit38
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Talk about evil then you must be speaking about the koch brothers.

Marine Level 8 Oct 30, 2018

If you are against foreign interference in domestic politics, you are against Soros.
If you are into American Exceptionalism, forcing your world view on others, you are pro Soros.
He is not the devil incarnate, nor is he angelic. He is a globalist who would welcome the demise of nation states to be replaced by powerful corporations.
Personally not a fan.
"Don't listen to what people say, watch what they do".

powder Level 8 Oct 29, 2018

Would you please post any evidence you have for your comments.

@kmdskit3 foreign interference


@kmdskit3 globalist


I think you are looking at the wrong person. He has supported numerous projects to aid the poor and middle classes. His workers were unionized and for all puposes happy. . Again you must be confused with the koch brothers who have done everything you say and more to hurt the poor and middle classes like eliminate health ins. work the workplace.

@powder He's decided to help fight a repressive and xenophobic regime in Hungary. This has nothing to do with foreign interference in US domestic politics.

@powder How does the information about his foundation prove he's a 'globalist'?

@kmdskit3 he supports agitators in foreign countries. Irrelevant how noble or just the causes may be, it's still foreign interference.
His own web page admits they wish their influence to be global, evangelical if you like.

@Marine Thanks. It's nice to have somebody else respond to this craziness.

@powder Once again, in your link, he's supporting free speech, civil rights and refugees in other countries. He is NOT supporting foreign interference in US domestic politics.

@kmdskit3 Do you think foreign Interference only has validity if it occurs within the US? Americans don't like it and guess what, neither does anyone else.
If you have a sovereign nation and a foreigner comes along and attempts to interfere in that soveign naions domestic politics, we term it foreign interference.
Why do you think it only applies to America? The world does consist of more countries than the US of A. You display "American exceptionalism", where being an exceptional country gives you the right to play by different rules than anyone else. " American exceptionalism" is enforced by bullying tactics; sanctions and military force. In the good old days it was promoted through example and diplomacy. But those days are gone.

@kmdskit3 Soros foundation has done good things but has also fucked things up. I can even accept the argument that he has done more good than bad. This doesn't change the fact that I personally am not a fan. I'm in the gray here where the choices seem to be declare him a champion or a demon. He is neither IMO but sticks his fingers in lots of sovereign pies which I don't like as an anti interventionist, but that's just me. Others differ.

@powder Once again you're missing the point of the original post. Faux News is saying that George Soros is encouraging foreign interference in US domestic politics. As to him being involved in Hungary that is the country of his birth which was stated in the link you posted.


SMH, what a f*cked up world this is.

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