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Hello. Brand new here. Hoping to find some like minded people to talk to. 🙂

Kynlei 8 Oct 29

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Hope you're finding everything you want or need. Like minded people in any drawer you open here


At first I thought you were my sister. Her name is Kynne (the Kyn in Kynlei?), and she LOVES Cheetos (as does the cat in your logo). But she is not in Indiana, so I guess you are not my sister. Anyway, Welcome!

Lol! I am an only , but that's a funny coincidence. Kynlei is just a nickname for me. Thanks for the welcome! 🙂


I am new too. Where are you from?

I'm in Indiana.


Welcome to the community!


Welcome aboard. You will meet like-minded people but other people will give you a chance to defend your opinions and listen to theirs and that's a good thing too.


You will, you will, especially if you like cats. Welcome.

I do like cats! I have two and maybe a third on the way as soon as she's old enough.


Hello and welcome. There are lots of good people here to talk to, lots of groups to join, and lots of things of interest. I love it here. Hope you do too.

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