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We should be grateful that the creator of the universe took the time to tell us about his creation--how he did it and what he made. But I've been reading the Bible and the Qur'an and he seems to have missed quite a few important things that he made. For example, he didn't mention:

Black holes
Dark energy
Dark Matter
Solar systems
The cosmic microwave background
White dwarf stars

He didn't even mention gravity! The really weird thing is he mentioned several things he didn't make, like a firmament and windows to let the rain in.

I wonder why he ONLY described things the people he spoke to already knew about (or thought they knew about but didn't)? It's almost as if ignorant people made the whole thing up.

Surely not!(copied)

Dildar 3 Nov 2

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Now, now, now, it isn't fair to pick on the author/s of the Goat-herders Guide to the Galaxy like that......LOL.
After all, he/she/it did do everything in just 6 days....LOL.

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