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It's been awhile since I have been on. I had my surgery and finally got to come home today after six weeks away from home. My friends have been fixing up my barn and fences for me in my absence. I have at least 2 months of PT ahead of me.

misstuffy 7 Nov 2

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It tore over three or four years, some from falling and landing on it and other times from just trying to move heavy objects because the tractor was broke down and I couldnt use it.


Glad to hear from you again. Can I ask what the surgery was for? Take care.


Good luck going thru same with my wife.


I hope it was a success.

Looking good but a lot of pain.


Glad to have you back with us, and that the surgery is behind you. Nice to have such good friends, just take it easy and get back to full health.


Keep up the good work! ?


Great that you're back home. Maybe you have a lot of time now to walk the streets of Isn't that great?

Gert Level 7 Nov 3, 2018

Looking after yourself.


Welcome back!


Take care


Damn. What was the surgery for?

Severely torn rotator cuff, almost irreparable, they have to open the shoulder up instead od doing it via a scope.

@misstuffy Wow, I hope it heals well. Stick with that physical therapy!

@bingst yep, three months of that

@misstuffy Wow, that's pretty serious. How did that happen? must have been a serious "accident". Are the prognoses good?

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