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Fellow defenders of freedom, free speech. It is a sad moment for those values. The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that defaming the Prophet Muhammad exceeds the permissible limits of freedom of expression. They ruled that an Austrian woman's criminal conviction and fine for her statements accusing the Prophet Muhammad of pedophilia did not breach her right to free speech. The decision came as an Austrian national identified as E.S. by the court, had held seminars on Islam in 2008 and 2009 for the far-right Freedom Party (FPO) where she discussed the prophet's marriage to Aisha, a child at that time, and implied that he was a pedophile.

By Lucignolo6
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I recommend/am a big fan of Rationality Rules YouTube channel..


The EU has never had as strong of protections of free speech as does the US.

It's why the 1st A was necessary in the first place.


Please, please, do not ask us to come save you again.... this time you deserve it.
We are to busy battling people with the same mentality here.

There is an old saying in the US. The second Amendment, keeps the rest of the bill of rights alive. Seems the old saying is becoming prophetic. Most of the EU gave up their guns, and now speech is the next to go.

Unfortunately the dominating culture in Germany, France, Italy, Spain... is very socialist. Socialized military is necessary, socialized infrastructures are necessary, socialized education is important (imagine if there were no public schools, ignorance is dangerous), socialized healthcare has its pros and cons... But these mad people now have lost the common sense and touch with reality in favor of leftist principles that, like you say, dig holes into the foundations on which they built their own society. Fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and separation between state and church are being questioned and overturned. I was a supporter of the EU many, many years ago. Now I hope it gets destroyed.

@Lucignolo Only took a mere 60 years for Greece to show exactly how the EU will destroy itself economically. You are now observing a conquered people, who have next to no mechanism left for liberation. Should they need it.


@Veteran229 that’s so true! Germany was finally able to conquer Europe in its entirety, but this time they were very smart about it. I feel so sad for my motherland Italy.


That's fucking sad. Brexit looking better. Who was her lawyer? Useless. Simply define pedophile ie prepubescent, then use the Kor'an as evidence plus other historical evidence the marriage took place.
Newspaper headlines should read

"EU court rules sexual contact with 9year olds is not pedophilia. WTF EU!!!!!!!!"

powder Level 8 Nov 6, 2018

The identity of what was Europe is lost in favor of new “cultures”. A great step towards the end.


The European Court of Human Rights is an oxymoron. The spread of tolerance of intolerance is alarming. I'm not a fan of right wing extremists, who is, but they are flourishing under the so called benign dictatorship of the EU. Everyone should be free to offend everyone. This sort of ruling, is anti freedom,anti free thought and will only further the case of right wing thinkers who feel (rightly so) that they have been marginalised.

Beautifully said! Couldn’t agree more! Thanks!

@PalacinkyPDX I'm not denying they were there already. I'm saying they're allowed to flourish. Nothing wrong with right wing by the way. Extreme anything yes. Except maybe extreme chocolate brownies. That's ok.

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