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Shoutout to all women/transwomen. I'm not here looking for a date or a relationship but do you agree with me when I say that there's plenty (and I mean really plenty) of cute, attractive, cuddly and handsome agnostic and atheist men on this site? And they are quite smart and intelligent with great sence of humour as well. Is it just me or what?

I wish every woman/transwoman in here all the best in love. Much love. #ILoveMenWithBeard (ignore the hashtag lol)

By jemzet86
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Why thank you... blushing.... lol


I'm afraid you lost me at "men" smile003.gifsmile009.gif

Lucifer Level 6 Nov 12, 2018

@jemzet8 I think you might be surprised smile001.gif

@jemzet8 I'll see if I can pop by! I'll bring the biscuits!


Gingerbears are pretty tempting, amirite?


Sending you good vibes!!

Oskar86 Level 3 Nov 9, 2018

Being on Agnostic.com's dating site is so refreshing compared to any generic single's site. Intelligence is everywhere on here....can't say that for the others haha.

KK-okc Level 5 Nov 8, 2018

I'm not sure about that. People are people. The married men on this site masquerading as separated / single are as big of an asshole as any another dating site.

You definitely have to be very aware in all situations. There are always going to be some bad ones out there.

@Kojaksmom You must be trying too hard, I do not find that the case at all though I have not tried to date here. I love the conversation and find the people real, not fake.
Sure , as with any population, we have ones who lie and cheat but this site is not focused on dating.


There are a lot of old men on this site (myself included) smile001.gif

I see that also. Not as many older women in my point of view. This is a gathering of people who I would like much too meet a woman. Though one thing I have found outside and inside this site is being completely honest with yourself is the apex of knowing who you are looking for.


I'm glad I can help keep the bell curve reasonable =)

Morphyon Level 5 Nov 6, 2018

Thank you. I represent that. Lol.

Yogisan Level 7 Nov 6, 2018
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