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A 20 odd year old poem...
As my ears caught the pitch of a distant foghorn,
another day broke out into a picturesque dawn;
My passion dug deep and I just couldn't cope,
with the illusion of success and the quantum of hope.

I wondered at the sight as I slipped out of my dreams,
my heart being lit by that scintillating gleam;
trespassing into those forbidden lands,
avoiding all those relentless helping hands.

I wandered aimlessly and basked in the sunshine,
By evening watched the sunset soaked in brine;
Avoiding the main streets I treaded back home,
had to get back to life above the tome.

As the hazy twilight faded to night,
I found her cold and confused in the faint star-lite;
my soul felt that content as I wrapped her around,
and it began to snow on my misery's playground.

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Deamflowsserene 3 Nov 6

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Very cool. When you get to level 4 go to wordsmith or one of the poetry groups you will get better attention there.

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