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Does anybody else have a crazy neighbor? How do you deal with it? My crazy neighbor was out on her front porch screaming at a crow this morning because it was making too much noise. I'm losing it fast!

Kojaksmom 8 Nov 7

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Are you sure that she wasn't just counting them? It's shaping up to be a long December. Maybe this year will be better than the last.


I am the crazy neighbor.
No, I’m kidding. I’ve had annoying/crazy neighbors before, I just ignore them or use their crazyness to create something. Like I would have totally recorded your neighbor talking to the crow. You could work on a compilation of the best ones, and then upload it to YouTube, and potentially make a lot of money, if you don’t feel bad about exploiting your neighbor.

ce54r Level 3 Nov 9, 2018

Have you tried talking to them?

No, it's pointless due to her mood swings and aggression.

@Kojaksmom maybe some of the other neighbours know why she’s like that. Best of luck.


Lady across the street dog sits so between her dogs and other peoples, she has 14 that range in size and she lets them out hourly for 15 minutes and they go apeshit. If the don’t get out or fight, its a good day. If they do then the local cops go there and do nothing like always. Can’t fix stupid.. would love to see the horrors inside that dump now..(not smell it though)


Try not to interact you could become the focus of her delusional thinking .She is obviously suffering from psychosis...or dementia related illness.If she is creating a public nuisance ..or posing a threat to herself or others may then have to think about afdressing the issue with relevant authority ..namely police ..who will hopefully get psychiatric input to assess the individual ..

Yes that's already has happened. Unfortunately for me, they keep bringing her back!


My next door neighbor had to tell me all about “alternative medicine” when I mentioned my diabetes. Meanwhile her 10 year old son has colitis and sees a specialist regularly. Lmao.


My next door neighbor once called the local sheriff on me for allowing a group of homeless people to live in my back yard. She told them I had a mattress setup for them and they were disturbing her at night. A sheriff came by and told me of the complaint and asked if he could search my house and yard. I let him, but he couldn’t find any evidence of the accusation. I think she was senile and I just ignored her. She eventually died. Problem solved.

I hate to say this but you're lucky!


Yeah I've got to cross the street for a sane neighbor. And he is usually smart enough to stay inside


We bought a house and moved to a rural community closer to my wife's work last spring. But before that we lived in a tight community where our neighbors were very close. Some of them were pretty nutty, but one in particular spied constantly on us, reporting just about everything we did to the town hall. She was creepy too. So glad to be out of that neighborhood!


Start feeding the crows... they actually recognize friends and foe.... and that's the truth.... 🙂

Ok, they eat anything too! Thats a plus!

They will adopt you too...


I have a neighbor who watches my partner over our fence and tries to talk to him any chance she gets.

He's not overly friendly and I think it's mildly amusing.

She's not crazy, though, she just has good taste and bad body language reading skills.


I would begin by killing the crows

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