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I have a lot of old family pictures that I have hung around my apartment. I really enjoy them. They look good and are good conversation starters. In this picture the old man is my great-grandfather. The kid on the far right is my dad. The girl behind him is his sister and all the others are cousins, so the old man is grandfather to all. I think this picture was taken in 1910.

drussett 4 Nov 8

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Found it!


I have a really cool picture of my grandparents from around 1918, I’ll see if I can find it and will post when I get home


… ‘the kid on their far right’ 🙂 Hey, I’ve got the same kinda stuff … inherited it along with the family farm. Though the farm’s gone ..the photos aren’t. Having marked on the backs of each ‘who's who,’ back in my twenties when many were still alive, I intend to join the best online genealogy site I can find (could use any recommendations), scan, then post them!

Took some giant reprints to the 100th B-day party of a great-uncle, where relatives broke out in tears ..never having seen their Great or Great-great grandparents. Archive them as best you can, names, dates, locations… Seems it becomes the duty of we keepers 🙂

Varn Level 8 Nov 8, 2018

I finally framed and put several up in my apartment. I don't know who everyone is, but it us nice to be surrounded by pictures of my ancestors


When I see pictures like this, I often wonder about the back what the heck is with the lone shoe by the porch post? ha ha Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo...great-grandpa looks like he was a formidable man!


Cool photo.


Very cool picture. I don't have anything around my house like that...they are all in books at my parent's house. Some day I hope to create a digital archive of them.


That is so cool! I also have some old family photos, one of my grandmother as a girl in the most interesting hat. I hope there are young people in your life you can leave these pictures to, they should be treasured forever!

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