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TV Series about Family and Transgender Issues.

I've just started watching a new drama series 'Butterfly' on ITV about parents coming to terms with their child's wish to transition. It has received overwhelmingly positive reactions so far. Thought of sharing this to the community in the hopes of helping everyone of us understand more such a highly-controversial and much-debated subject matter.

jemzet8 6 Nov 9

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For adult transgenders that want to transition it’s not at all an issue(for me). For children, it gets a bit murky. On one hand you want to give support and allow transitioning as it could make things easier. Obviously though, children are less equipped to make a decision like this the same way they are not able to consent to sex. It’s tough.


What about the Dutch man who wants to identify as a man 20 years younger?

@PalacinkyPDX There's too much crankiness going on lately. If you talk to me in a friendly fashion, or with basic respect. I'll answer you.

@PalacinkyPDX Gosh, your arrogance is unbelievable. You have it all sorted in your brain and can't even conceive that you might be wrong. Or, heaven forbid, that you might not deserve respect.


The Amazon original series "Transparent" had the reverse of this. Three adult siblings coming to terms with their father's transition to a woman. First season was quite interesting


It looks like a good show I'll try to catch it if it airs in America

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