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Interactive TIME LAPSE Map Shows How the U.S. Government, Military, and Others, Seized and Occupied More Than 1.5 Billion Acres From Native Americans. []

DevilMayCare 7 Nov 11

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ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW. Bair Weiss & Bill Maher.


@Triphid yeah, there's a reasons why the arabs are angry, and their palestinian brothers and sisters deserve equality, like any peoples. period


And caused the Genocidal MURDER of millions of Native Americans whilst they were at it.
So, WHY have there been No Nuremburg style Trials for that Act of Crimes against Humanity, is it simply because the Indigenous Americans weren't Jews?

if you're comparing "genocides", in world history, the list is long. i would have no problem with an international trial, if the goal is to give the native peoples more lands and control of their lands. i don't appreciate why you used the word 'jews', instead of jewish, or jewish people.

@DevilMayCare I used the 'Jews' instead of 'Jewish people' NOT because I am an anti-Semite ( which I am not btw) BUT because I am totally pissed off that they were given lands that did NOT belong to them after WWII in accordance with the Balfour Act and have, since then, set about methodically warring with almost everyone around them including the Palestinians yet receive absolute NO Embargoes, etc, from the Western Powers and the U.S. openly supports them, sells them armaments and educates them on the use of them.
Yes, the historical lists of Genocides is massive to say the least, including the Genocides committed by the British, Spanish, Portuguese, etc, etc, BUT why is it that the ONLY War Crimes Trials ever held were the Nuremburgh Trials against Germany and that miserable Token one against Japan?

@Triphid good. it's cool. but, just like it's not fair to judge all americans as 'supporting' trump, what the state of israel does, the israelis, is different than what the jewish people support, and american jews. i would agree tho, that the oppressed have become the oppressors.

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